This Past Week

We spent most of last week taking turns being sick. My turn was the longest- Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. What a great week!

Yesterday my parents took Big Kid to a special event (very hard to describe- it was a rodeo/petting zoo/downtown experience all rolled into one) so it was just me and Little Bit for most of the day. I spent his afternoon nap working with all the cut fabric pieces for Reed’s quilt, laying them one way and the other on my living room floor and ultimately deciding that the pattern I picked ahead of time doesn’t work quite the way I hoped. Sarah and Wayne deserve the best I can do for them, and that just wasn’t it. So there’s been a bit of a change, and it’s slow progress, but I’m really happy about it.

As for pictures, my camera is sick and that’s why we were having all the problems. Hopefully it will come back to me from the repair shop as good as new. Pics will come, just not as soon as I thought.

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