August Goals

I would like to start keeping better track of my goals. I’ve been writing them down in my binder, but it’s not in a place where I feel accountable to them, and not a place where I see them daily, so I’m trying to do better by posting them here.

The Kids/Schooling:

1. Relax and enjoy the last month of the summer schedule! We’re trying to get in 2 day trips this month and a weekend trip with my in-laws.

2. Less TV.  TV is a weird thing in our house. Superman and I are big geeky fans of a few shows/show creators and so TV is a regular part of our lives. A large portion of our get away trip 2 weeks ago was to go to Comic-Con for goodness sake! But, I try hard to limit the boys to good viewing and a reasonable amount of time. My in-laws and my parents don’t feel quite the same way that we do about the boys’ TV viewing, so while we were gone and they were in the capable hands of grandparents they watched WAY more than we ever let them. So this week has been a giant whine fest for the Big Kid over how we should let him watch TV all the time. So I’m thinking very little- even less than usual- for awhile.

3. Finish Unit Lesson Plans through October.

4. File Printed Papers/crafts/etc.

5. Stock up on school supplies while the sales are great!


1. Keep my morning routine every week day.

2. Start a new evening routine with Big Kid to incorporate some new responsibilities and activities. We’re going to start reading chapter books before bed instead of 3 or 4 picture books, and I’m ready to start teaching him to lay our his own clothes the night before, picking up his room before bedtime (which is generally clean anyway, but there always seems to be a few toys scattered about) and taking better care of his hygiene routine- specifically not leaving the sink a disaster area after brushing his teeth. I don’t mind a mess for a good reason, but I want him to start cleaning it up if he’s going to make the mess. We’re with him for all these steps, but our first habit we’re working to build in the next few months is responsibility.

3. Figure out a new homemaking schedule to work with my fall teaching schedule. I will be working more this fall since the business has grown so much, but at the same time it cuts back on other areas. Since I won’t cut the time with my kids, housework is quickly becoming the first thing to go, and I’m not terribly happy about that, because it takes no time at all for this place to become a disaster with 2 little boys!

4. Frugal goal: Bake on Fridays again and cook on Sundays in preparation for the week ahead so that meals will be cheap, quick and healthy. It takes so much planning on my part (which tires me out lately) but it is so worth it!


1. Complete 2008-2009 Studio Policies and Print.

2. September Billing Statements (By August 15)

3. Write out monthly financial forms for August and September.

4. Finish putting new clients into quickbooks!

5. Complete evaluations scheduled for August.

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