Back to Normal

Our plans for the week fell apart for us on Thursday morning. My husband was in a car accident that morning and I’m still saying to myself over and over “thank God he’s alright!” He is fine despite a bump on the head from hitting the steering wheel. The truck on the other hand is going to take awhile to be fixed. The accident was not his fault- he was stopped waiting for the person in front of him to turn left, and someone else came from behind them and didn’t notice that they were stopped and rear-ended my husband hard enough to push him into the next car from a dead stop. There is a good amount of damage to all the vehicles involved, but no one was hurt. The insurance companies had the claim pushed through by Friday morning and they ordered parts for our truck right away and we had a rental truck by the afternoon. I’m so thankful that this has been handled so quickly! Because of the holiday weekend next weekend the truck may not be finished by Thursday (July 3rd) but we should have it by the next Monday.

The sad thing is that we had just decided to take the plunge and get a new-to-us truck for him since it it his work vehicle. His old one was dying, and we were facing having to put a lot of money in to fix it just to *hope* that it would continue running. So we found a good truck and a good deal… and 3 weeks later the poor new truck has already been in an accident.

So daddy was home most of Thursday and all of Friday which threw our usual routines out the window. No school work, lots of swimming and wrestling with daddy, and very little mommy time since daddy is the best thing EVER! I got some sewing done in my unexpected free time and worked on getting my kitchen in a little better shape.

I’m at the point where I feel like giving up on ever being completely unpacked. There is a stack of boxes in my living room waiting to be taken down to storage. 6 boxes stacked neatly, ready to go to the basement. There is another stack of 5 or 6 boxes in our upstairs hall outside our bedroom and another stack of 3  boxes by the boys’ rooms in the hallway, all due for storage. I can’t carry them unless I want to slide down the stairs on my rear-end like I did last time (I’ve been supposed to have surgery to repair my knee since before my oldest was born, but every time we schedule it I end up being pregnant or nursing!). My husband has been working so much lately that when he’s home I want him to spend time with me and the boys- not spend time taking boxes to storage! He has time off over the holiday weekend so we’re planning to take an afternoon and try to finish up the last of the boxes. I’m so overwhelmed by them even though I know they are already sorted and boxed. It will be a mental relief to have them out of my sight.

Back to normal today. I’m up by 7, had my coffee and reading. My boys stayed with my mom last night overnight (I’m working a long day today in preparation for the holiday weekend) so they are blessing her with their early wakeup time.

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