Our weekend

My husband has been out of town since Friday, so the boys and I have been doing our own thing. I took pictures, but my husband took the external hard drive that I use to store pictures so you’ll have to wait. I will put up the pictures from our weekend once I’m able to get them all loaded- there are some great shots!

On Friday we made bread and did lots of housework. Exciting, yes?

On Saturday we ran errands in the morning, went to piano lessons, then to my parents house, where I sewed my very first pieces of clothing from a pattern- pajamas for my preschooler. 🙂 My boys stayed overnight with the grandparents, and I came home intending to stay up a bit later than usual to get a few things done. I laid down while talking with my husband on the phone, and hung up the phone at quarter til 10. I remember telling myself I’d lay there for 5 more minutes then continue what I was doing.. I then woke up at 11:30 to turn off the light. 🙂

I slept for 10 hours and I have felt wonderful today. I got most everything done this morning that I had wanted to do last night. I went for lunch at my parents, picked up the boys and got them home in time for naps. The baby’s nap only lasted 40 minutes (he really does not sleep much during the day- he is so different from my older one!) so I set him up with some toys while I sorted out his summer and winter clothes. It felt good to get that done! One more thing checked off of my project list. I also cleared out the expired coupons in my binder to be ready for this month.

Here it is, Sunday night, 10 p.m.- the boys are asleep, the kitchen is clean, the sink empty, laundry is folded and put away, and I have a good book. I wish my husband were home to cuddle with, but he will not be home until tomorrow. It is a good night, and it has been a great weekend.

Pictures tomorrow. 🙂

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