Borrowed from Sandra over at Family Corner

Outside my Window… crickets and night critters.

I am thinking… about schooling/educating my son who will be 3 in the fall. I think part of his behavior problems lately have been boredom. I’m also unhappy that t.v. has become a daily thing and that every single day turning off the t.v. is an earth shattering event for him. *sigh*

I am thankful for…my husband. He has been such a blessing to me this week. He works overnights, and gets to bed around 6 a.m. and the boys and I wake at 7 a.m. Every morning this week I have woken to an “I Love You” Note written on the bathroom mirror, or laundry already started for me, or this morning’s great present- a single rose. Love that man. đŸ™‚

From the kitchen… Crockpot Chili was for dinner tonight, tomorrow’s kitchen endeavor is going to be muffins to last us the next week or so.

I am going…to stop working for the night and get to bed!

I am reading…Sabrina by Lori Wick. I was in desperate need of a light read, and this has been a nice easy Christian romance. đŸ™‚

I am hoping…that my work obligations will magically take care of themselves! I’ve been really wishing to be a stay-at-home mom lately. I do work from home, but starting in the fall I’ll be up to working 30 hours a week, and I am really not liking that idea. I’m praying though for the leadership of my husband. This is the lesson I have been learning for a few months now, but I am really having to bite my tongue on this one and wait for him and wait for God.

I am hearing…the hiss of the quiet baby monitor, and listening to Fernando Ortega.

Around the house…all is quiet. It is long past bedtime, and my husband is already gone for work. I should have been in bed about 30 minutes ago!

One of my favorite things…warm strawberry rhubarb pie!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…finishing my work week tomorrow, taking my boys for 9 month and 2 1/2 year portraits, piano lessons on Saturday, and then spending the rest of Saturday at my mom’s house learning how to follow a sewing pattern.

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