On the Move

We are in the process of moving this week, one load at a time. We spent a lot of time in the new house this weekend fixing a few minor things- installing a new overhead light in the dining room, fixing a few doors that were loose, replacing old broken closet doors, general cleaning and putting together a few pieces of furniture. I hurt my back sometime on Saturday – I’m not sure how since there was no specific moment that I felt hurt, and nothing hurt until this morning when I got up bright and early with my boys.

Because of my back I was of little use today- I did laundry at our current house (my sister- an amazing blessing!- did all the hard work of getting clothes through the washing and drying cycles- I just folded it while lying on the couch) and I took care of my boys with the aid of my blessed sister. You never realize how many times a day you lift your kids until you aren’t able to lift them, you know? I don’t know how we would have gotten through the day if my sister hadn’t been here to help out. I got a few computer projects done- menu planning for next week, lesson planning for next week in the studio, an updated moving list, and I did some research on closet systems for the boys new rooms. The closets in the new house have hanging bars and shelving that are all badly warped and broken in some places so my husband spent most of this afternoon ripping those things out. I need to figure out how best to organize the boys closets. The rooms are small, so I’m putting all of their clothes in the closets since there is no space for dressers in either room. I’m trying to find shelving or something to store their clothes well and I’m a little overwhelmed with that.

Because of the move I will have several massive home projects over the next several weeks. At first we’re putting things away just to get boxes out of the way- the move is on Saturday the 5th, and my first student of the week will be on Monday afternoon the 7th, so the house has to be decently presentable by then! My goal is to take before-and-after pictures to share here in an effort to keep myself on task and to keep from getting overwhelmed by all this as I so often do. Any moving suggestions are welcome!

We’re moving one load per day in our minivan until Friday when we will move all but the truly heavy stuff (like my piano!). That will be done Saturday when we have several guys here just for the 3-5 big things we need to move. I’m praying that everything will go well!

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